Adventure & Sailing, like brothers and sisters. They do not look alike but closely related together. Many sailing lovers want to experience more than just relaxed sailing trip, they also don’t want to go for extreme sailing trip. Therefore they choose combine sailing with some out-door activities.

YCM offers most adventure activities in North Europe. People sail to south because of the warm weather and sun ocean. People sail to north because of its unique nature. Beside, you can have fun with snow. We understand everything from north and therefore we are able to operate the sailing and adventure activities through the whole Nordic region.

In the north, we also do direct contracting with different activities providers. We work directly with local providers but not agencies to avoid any misunderstanding on VIP services. We also select providers carefully to ensure safety, experiences and service standard.

If you are looking for relaxing on sunny beach with a sex cocktail, you should not join in this. Adventure & Sailing programs make everyone on move. You will not only experience the activities but wonderful nature. You will be able to see how our planet should really be. To learn, to feel.