Other Languages

YCM’s goal is to give the best service to all of our guests. It doesn’t matter where you come from, we will try to find someone speak the language you speak from booking to your trip. Our reservation and sales colleagues are highly educated with multiple language background.

Our primary language is English. All of our crews and colleagues who sit in the office speak English. If you have no problem with English, then please continue your journey with us by locating the reservation department in your region. More details, you can find it from Contact Us.

If you are from China, Japan and Korea, you can use your own language by contacting our sales department from your own country. We offer Mandarin Chinese, Japanese and Korean booking information, itinerary arranging, and information distributing. We will also have one of the crew speak Mandarin, Japanese and Korean on board of the yacht. The crew will either take responsibility of the whole service, or being as communicator and personal butler or maid.

If you are from European countries, you can chose the languages between Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, German, French and of course English. Italian and Spanish is on the way. If you have no problem with English, we still recommend you choose English speaking service.