Sailing Courses

Sailing courses are one of our new products. The founder of YCM, Mr. Müller have been around the world with different chartered customers. Most of them wanted to learn to sail and hoped one day they can sail on their own with their families. However, many people find sailing license is difficult to get and very expensive.

No and No. Learning to sail is almost the same as learn to drive. Well, it is irresponsible to say like this because sailing involves more technical information than driving. Once you are on the ocean with your boat, you are almost on your own.

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 However, to be able to sail by yourself is a feeling of freedom, independent, and powerful. You will never know this kind of feeling before you have tried it.

YCM sailing school cooperation contains the whole sailing course package. It doesn’t matter which country you are coming from, you will be able to learn and get your licence from one of this countries: Switzerland, Denmark and China. We are also looking for more stable and reliable suppliers from other countries in Europe, America and Asia to support our program.

From our world-wide sailing school program, you will get an international sailing licence which will allow you sail anywhere in the world. However, many territorial waters apply different rules which you have to study by yourself before you sail there. Once you join in our YCM sailing school program, our founder Mr.  Müller  has lots of stories to tell you.

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