Faroe Islands

Does Faroe Islands look like Iceland? NO.

Does Faroe Islands look like Greenland? NO.

Does Faroe Islands look like Scotland? NO.

Faroe Islands, a very small community, with less than 50.000 population situated in the middle of Norway and Iceland. It doesn’t look like any places on the planet, but it has its unique, indescribable beauty.

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Faroe Islands is called the Islands with real men. Men from Faroe Island are usually very strong and masculine. Many people criticize their whale killing culture, but they have their own point of view on it. If you want to know, please go to Faroe Islands and find it out.

Transportation to and from Faroe Islands are usually by airplane or ship. There are many flights between the capital of Faroe Islands – Tórshavn and Iceland, England, Scotland, Norway and Denmark. There are also three ferry lines from Hanstholm (Denmark), Bergen (Norway) and Seydisfjordur (IS) to Tórshavn, which created lots of opportunities for people to explore it.


The best way to see Faroe Islands is on foot or by helicopter. There are lots of hiking tours and helicopter tours that you can choose once you are there. For more information, please find related article from Club YCM.