You have different reasons to chose to travel with Yacht. Here are a lists of target customers and you might be one of them?

  • Honeymoon travelers:  You are newly getting married. You want to explore a sunny weather with some easy activities. You want to travel by yourself or in a smaller size group.
  • Family and friends travelers: You are a group of people from the same family, or group of friends. You want to go on your own.
  • Incentive, club members and private business travelers: You are a group of people from the same company, organization or club. You want to have private environment for leisure and business with top VIP services. Or you are inviting your best customers for an annual events.
  • Adventure explorer: You love nature, out-door activities and fresh air. You wan to experience somewhere cold with snow and do an unusual arrangement to somewhere not so many people have been to.
  • Sailing Students: You want to learn how to sail. Explore sailing lessons in other countries. Or you plan to sail internationally in Europe and Asia.