Incentive travel usually involves many people on the trip. The event might be company annual travel, sales bonus travel, etc. If you are a company travel department and would like to arrange a annual trip for the employees, we are definitely could help you. If you are inviting your customers for a thanks giving trip, we can do a lot for you.

Since incentive trip always involves more people and it needs many special facilities like ball room, conference facilities, and so on, we always use larger sailing yacht according to your group size, as well as your budget. In some situation, we can also arrange superyacht base on inquiry.


Large yacht usually contains one captain, one vice captain, crew team, kitchen team, house keeping team, technician team, one receptionist and one conductor. Depends on the size of boat and group, we will be able to manage the team members setup, or according to your own wish.

Many private VIP incentive group like to chose superyacht. It is not new and more and more people can afford to use the services. Usually, we do not recommend you to chose too large superyacht because of the services standard won’t reach the level. Superyacht is a 5 star hotel on the ocean. All services must match the standard of the reason you chose to use superyacht. We provide usually one captain, one vice captain, crew and kitchen team, house keeping team, one conductor and one butler. We can also provide any on board services per your request in advance.


Facilities, comfort, exacting, safe, food, service, those are the main elements when we are arranging professional incentive trip on the sea.