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If you are not newly married, a honeymoon trip could also be an option for you and your be loved ones to have an unforgettable trip.

Honeymoon arrangement is one of YCM’s most important services. Through the years, our experienced travel professionals and operators worked very hard to find out the best locations and possibility of services for our honeymoon couples. Today, YCM became an icon of love creator.

Nowadays, most people chose to spend a honeymoon holiday on sunny beach. Food, drink, and relaxation. There is nothing wrong with it. For many of you who wants to arrange something special and unforgettable for you and your lover, you will have to involve lots of research and plan. Many others then chose someone like us to arrange a yacht honeymoon trip to experience a relaxing, exacting and amazing trip.

 Honeymoon on yacht became popular!

There are  couple of reasons newly married couples choose to go on a honeymoon yacht.

More than just relax. Honeymoon is different to your other relaxing holidays. It is a trip special made for you and your lover. It is time for you and your lover to experience a new start, new life. You will relax, you will have sandy sunny beach, and you will have much more than that. You will relax mentally and physically, but you will never feel bored.

Luxury. You might be bothered by looking for a good restaurant and spend lots of money on some food. Or, evaluate which hotel you should stay to make your honeymoon more comfortable and sexy. Maybe, you want to find some easy activities during your trip and read million of suggestions online. With YCM honeymoon program, we guarantee you the luxury you could ever dream of. We do all for you.

Not expensive any more. Many people imagine that honeymoon yacht is expensive. Yes, it is not cheap. It’s all depending on what you are looking for. Since we are working directly with yacht charter suppliers and we have our own staffs handle all on-board details, we guarantee that you will receive a net rate. You worth to take it!

What can we do?

Depend on your request, we do personal arrangement for you. You can either take chartered honeymoon yacht, or shared tour. Even on shared tour, we will not take more than 6 guests.

On a basic package, it includes:

  • Yacht charter
  • On land: Luxury or boutique hotel
  • On sea: food and beverages
  • On land: restaurant service
  • On board: professional photographing service
  • On land: activities arrangement

Usually, honeymoon package will include everything for you and you don’t need to spend extra money during your trip unless you want to buy any personal goods. For more information about chartered yacht and shared tour, click here.


We usually use cursing yacht (23 – 46 ft) for our honeymoon trip. We can also provide luxury sailing yacht (82 – 130 ft) if it is necessary. Normal cursing yacht has 3-5 cabins and maximum we take 6 guests/3 couples on board. Motor yacht can also be requested. On cursing yacht, we have 1 skipper and 1 crew. For chartered yacht, we offer 1 skipper, 1 crew and 1 housekeeper (if necessary). We will have at least 1 staff (either skipper or crew) speak your language or at least English.

To see the yachts we are suing, please click here.