Yacht travel is a special themed travel style. It gives you relax, adventure, activities, and enough time to share with the person you are travelling with. It is special, in a way of enjoying and feeling. On the sea, you don’t have much possibilities to use your mobile phone. You will get away from all day long busy work. You don’t have the possibilities to go on the internet to use Facebook. Leave them all behind you. Enjoy the sun, sound of ocean, birds, fishes, warm and your travel partners. Under that condition, you will find out a whole new world. You will feel the environment around you is much bigger than just focus on your phone and computer. Stay on the deck, read a book, or take a glass of wine and have some fun chatting time with your friends. How wonderful can it be more than this?

Yacht Fun

The Yacht chapter of YCM divided into two big area. By reading through this, it helps you to find the best yacht holiday you should have – Destinations, Yacht.

If you don’t know where to go, read about the destinations suggestions. You can get an overview on different area where we operate. After you have an idea on the locations, you might be able to ask more specific questions which fit your own tour program.

If you are an experienced sailor and you have an valid international sailing licencee, you might like to rent a bare boat and sail by yourself. This is the easiest way to have a simple, relax and budget yacht holiday. Otherwise, you can try our crewed yacht arrangement. Of course we suggest all of our guests to chose this although you have a sailing licences. It’s more luxury, and you will definitely have a better time on board with full services.

However, in countries like China and southeast Asia, we don’t offer bare boat service and all yachts are crewed. 

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