Northern Norway

What do you have in mind when we are talking about Norther Norway? Mountains, rivers, mid-night sun and the northern-light maybe? Well, you can explore Norther Norway in so many different ways. If you are interested in adventure, nature, activities, especially sail, YCM would like to introduce you some nicest places in Northern Norway.


YCM aims at combine sailing trip with adventure activities. Northern Norway provides you great opportunities to experience all in one trip. Amazing out-door activities that Northern Norway offers have a wide range, also in summer and winter two different seasons.

The trip of Northern Norway starts from Lofoten. It is one of most popular destination to start your trip in the North. You can flight to Narvik airport or directly to Leknes Airport which locates on the west of Lotofen islands. Adventure activities in winter time are majorly skiing, snowboarding, and northern light hunting. In summer time, we can camp in forest, kayaking, canoeing, fishing and forest hiking. For more activities info, please lick here.

Helgeland is a magic destination to many people, even to people who works for travel industry. The location of Helgeland is a bit south of Bodø and many people consider Helgeland is in the middle of Norway. However, no on has questions on its unique beauty other than the location. Many travelers, especially couples, they fly to Bodø and then take the romantic coast road No. 17 drive all the way to starting point of Brønnøysund. 10 days sailing on the sea along small islands, you will experience lots of amazing nature attractions. Tour ends at the island of Træna. You can then take a taxi boat from Træna directly to Bodø and fly on. Find the trip details here.

Further north, our trip will reach Svalbard, Faroe Islands, Iceland, Greenland, and even Scotland. Please find the detailed information of locations and activities from Club YCM.