Our Yachts

YCM offers you either bare-boat or crewed charter.

Bare-boat service mostly done through yacht owners. YCM as agency to make all documents done for you. Before you chose bare-boat service,  you must understand the service of yacht only includes boat charter and there are no services on board. You must be qualify the following requirements for chartering bare-boat.

  • You have an international sailing licence and you know that your sailing licence is valid in the destination you are travelling to.
  • You must speak at least English.
  • For YCM requirement, you must be in good health condition.

If you are qualified from the above requirements, you can contact us for further inquiry for bare-boat charter. If you need, YCM can assist you book airplane tickets, restaurants and accommodation offshore.

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YCM offers crewed charter top VIP services. The service includes:

  • Skipper
  • Cabin crew
  • Chef (only on larger boat)
  • Waiters (only on larger boat)
  • Housekeepers (only on larger boat)
  • Doctor (only on larger boat)
  • Interpreter
  • Guides (only on larger boat)
  • Technicians (only on larger boat)

Usually on smaller sailing yacht with 3-5 cabins, there is one skipper, one crew. Base on your needs and the size of boat, we can offer more crews.

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