Do you have a torn sail that needs to be repaired? Or are you looking for a new sail? Whatever your sail needs are, one of the sailmakers in Finland will certainly be able to help you. The map below will help you find the most appropriate sail maker for your needs.

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he chartering business in Finland is focused on two main regions, the Archipelago Sea in the Baltic and the three main inland lake areas: Lake Saimaa, Lake Päijänne and Lake Näsijärvi. In the Archipelago Sea, sailing is most popular while on the sheltered inland lakes power boating is the main trend. Regardless of where you charter, you will be sailing or boating in fantastic waters right from the start, no time wasted in getting to “the best areas”.

Bare boat charter is the norm in Finland, but some companies also offer the option of skippered yachts. For bare boat charter in the Finnish waters, I would recommended that there are at least two people on board that have sailing and navigation skills. Navigation tends to be a full time job when sailing in Finland so you would ideally have one skilled sailor at the helm and an other one doing the navigation. This also applies to powerboats.

Bareboat charter on the Finnish lakes

The three main inland boating areas are Lake Saimaa, Lake Päijänne and Lake Näsijärvi. Many smaller lakes are also offer boating opportunities but rarely have any boating related services other than canoeing or possibly fishing.

The charter boats on the inland lakes tend to be smaller then those for charter in the archipelago. There are a number of reasons for this. First of all, the inland lakes are very sheltered so even smaller boats are totally safe. On the other hand, the lakes are often shallow and the channels between the lakes narrow and perhaps with rather low bridges. A smaller boat provides a lot more opportunities to really discover the exciting lake regions with their intricate waterways.

As the inland lakes are very sheltered with many narrow passages and thousands of islands, winds are typically very mild and vary a lot. Therefore sailing on the inland lakes is not necessarily for those with a restless nature and therefore most inland lake chartering is for small powerboats.

Day Charter

Day charter is very popular in Finland. A number of companies in Finland cater to short term charter and boating needs. The main customers for day charter are companies organizing events for either their employees or customers. An other customer segment is private people organizing special events such as birthdays or weddings out at sea or just wanting to take a day trip in a fine summer day.

The biggest concentration of  companies targeting business customers can be found in Helsinki. In the archipelago and along the Baltic coast you will find more companies also servicing families and private customers. You can find companies offering day charter in surprisingly small towns and villages around the coast.

Day charter is typically skippered so you don’t need any sailing or boating skills to participate. The trips include the meals and possibly some special program. The companies offering day charter services are happy to organize everything based on customer needs and wishes.

A typical event is an evening sail the leaves the harbor in the early afternoon. The boat or ship  cruises in the nearby waters or heads for an island. At the island destination there can be a sight or some program.  After a nice evening out at sea, capped by a fantastic sunset, the group returns back to the harbor of departure typically before midnight.

Unfortunately most day charter companies target a Finnish audience so the web pages are mostly in Finnish. If you would like to use the services of these companies, most will still offer services in English and you can always send your inquiries in English.

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