15 Guests

If you have about 5 to 15 guests want to travel with yacht, you are under this category. We recommend VIP groups with less than 15 guests use either sailing yacht or motor yacht. Both type of yacht has 10 to 16 cabins. If you need to have single cabins for each guest, we recommend you to choose larger yacht.

Sailing Yacht gives incentive guests a great experiences on board. Usually larger sailing yacht is classic. Cabins style and public area on board were build traditionally and it kept in a classic way. You can choose Arctic region, West Greenland, North Norway, Greece and Italy. The area you are travelling to are very different to the places you travelling to by motor yacht.

15 guests -1

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA 15 guests -3 15 guests -4


15 guests -5

Motor yacht gives smaller size of incentive group more luxury feeling. You can choose the type of yacht with Jacuzzi, Play Room, small conference room and even bar on board. The locations you could choose between Italy, Greece, Turkey, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and the Caribbeans sea.

15 cabins yacht


15 cabins yacht 10 15 guests -6 15 guests -7 15 guests -8 vip 15 guests -9 vip


Crew members on board of 15 guests yacht includes:

  • 1 captain
  • 1 vice captain
  • 1 technical staff
  • 1 chef
  • 2 waiters
  • 2 housekeepers
  • 1 guide

Base on your need and the size of the group, we will add or reduce the number of crew members. If it is necessary, we may recommend you to chose a larger boat.