For many nature adventure lovers, Greenland is always a peal. However, due to its special geographic location, Greenland is always having unpredictable weather and it is very hard to operate. Many amazing locations are small with limited accommodation capacity. From village to village, we can only use airplane or dogsled as transportation.

Greenland 1

Sailing around Greenland is not an easy task. We need more experienced caption who are family with the arctic weather, ocean stream, etc. The period of year we can arrange the trip is also limited. Usually we start the trip in May and end in September. We also use bigger boat for sailing. Unless you are looking for charter with a group of guests, we usually arrange shared trip.

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Sailing combined adventure activities in Greenland usually contain higher level of difficulties. It includes ocean kayaking, seal hunting, reindeer hunting, muskox hunting, glacier hiking,  etc.

dogsled glacier hiking kayaking moskus reindeer

If you are looking for easier combination, you can go on tours like culture hiking, ice fishing, dog sledding, super jeep tour and so on. For more information, you can find it from Club YCM.