The Founder

The founder of YCM Mr. Rolf Müller has a completely different professions than tourism. In his early life, he was a mechanic. He developed his knowledge in technical fields and because an engineer. Today, he is a master of marketing.


I loved science. I love water since I was a kid. I love sailing, water skiing, diving and lots more. I started those sports since 1983. When I was 19 years old, I crossed the Atlantic Ocean first time in my life. It was amazing and i told myself, it wasn’t the last time. in 1988, I crossed the Atlantic Ocean again for the second time. I totally fall in love with sailing. Since then, I started to work in different places like Greece, France, Croatia, Italy, Spain and the Caribbeans as caption and contractor for YCM. It has been great experiences in my life. After I came home back to Switzerland, I took over YCM from my mother’s hand and continued the business till today“.


I can say that I am a sailing expert. As a child, I started to sail with my parents. I grown up in Switzerland, close to the lake of Bielersee. So we could sail on the lake almost everyday. As an adult, I have been sailing all around Mediterranean Sea, the Bahamas, Cuba, Caribbean Sea, frm St. Martin to Grenada and Polynesia“.

Rolf Müller