Sweden holds a fascination for children because of its giant forests and thousands of lakes and stories of the Northern Lights and the Midnight Sun. If you visit Swedish Lapland you and the family can experience both of these fantastic natural phenomena. At different times of the year, of course.

Sweden also has some of Europe’s very best family-friendly ski resorts in the Swedish mountains. Still in Sweden’s great outdoors, how about exploring the West Coast by kayak? Or timber-rafting down Sweden’s biggest river, through the giant forests of Värmland province in the west of the country. Or a horse-riding holiday on the Baltic island of Gotland? Or take a day off and discover some of Sweden’s castle, palaces or Viking settlements.

ski in sweden

In and around Sweden’s big three cities of Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö there are many exciting theme parks, zoos and museums to keep the kids busy and interested.

Sweden for family

When it comes to sailing holiday with your children, Sweden gives you another charming character.

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