Family travel means a lot. Imagining, you are on the ocean with your loved ones, wife, husband, children, parents, and enjoy sun raise, food, drink, talk about the old days, happiness and a lot more, how wonderful the feeling is.

YCM offers family guests great opportunities to take relaxing sailing trips, city breaks with children friendly facilities and activities through Europe and America.


Why do we chose those places for you?

Family travel usually contain more than 2 people. It needs places with safe environment, easy access to restaurants and better facilities for children.  Therefore we carefully selected the locations for you where you can easily dock the boat, and easily find nearest restaurants, shops and children playground. Cities with family relevant activities are priority.

Things to do

You can do almost everything that you can think of from our family travel locations. Easy diving, snorkeling, forest kinking, fine dinning, city visiting, kayaking, horse riding, canoeing etc.

kayaking family