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Destination for sailing

The Mediterranean Sea

Island of Elba ( Italy )

the largest of the Tuscan Archipelago
– close to Rom (  250 km  ) and to Venzia (  250 km)

The Island of Elba, the largest of the Tuscan Archipelago, has six big gulfs with wonderful anchorages lined with white beaches. Small fishing villages, lush vegetation and crystal-clear water are the main features of this unique island. The island of Elba belongs to Italy and is situated within the Tuscan archipelago of islands between Corsica and the Italian mainland. Its coast is much indented and there are numerous attractive harbours and anchorages. The slopes are extensively terraced and the island is always green even in the middle of summer. It is a green and colorful spot that enchanted the exiled Napoleon. Its approximately 30,000 inhabitants make their living mainly by growing wine, olives and fruit as well as from tourism

Elba has a mild Mediterranean climate. The Island has an abundant vegetation. The Corsica Island protects Elba from the Mistral(wind) which blows from north-west. In the summer you can appreciate the landscape. In the spring and autumn the wind from the north, north-west is stronger which makes the more sportive crews happy. In the south the Scirocco(wind) will bring high and long waves.

You can sail to the western Italian mainland coast, and to the Tuscan archipelago consisting of Gorgona, Capraia, Montecristo, Giglio and Giannutri. It is a popular cruising ground for yachts, however you may end up staying longer than you planned, seduced by the charm of these islands. You may also explore the Ligurian coast, Corsica and Sardinia.

Italy Elba

Italy: 7 days itinerary – 146 nautical miles approximately
Departure: Puntone    
1st day: Embarkation 5th day: Macinaggio – Bastia (Corsica) (20 nm)
2nd day: Puntone – Porto Ferraio (Elba) (20 nm) 6th day: Bastia – Marina di Campo (35 nm)
3rd day: Porto Ferraio – Capraia (26 nm) 7th day: Marina di Campo – Puntone (25 nm)
4th day: Capraia – Macinaggio (Corsica) (20 nm) 8th day: Disembarkation


Weather & Wind

The prevailing wind in the summer is from W – NW. There will frequent be SE winds around Capraia, Elba and the mainland coast down to Giannutri, and frequent periods of calm. Often there will be a light W or SW wind at night. In the spring and autumn there are frequent local squalls around the islands, usually easily spotted as a ragged black line of cloud, though they do not normally last for long.

From may to mid- september, ideal for a relaxing holiday – best period for family with children. From april to october, the period is more indicated for sales fans and sportive crews.

Continental Italy and the Island of Giglio

–  about 180 nm ( 1 week , 5 days sailing )

Mediterranean Sea -45Elba

Portoferraio – Porto Azzurro – then a long leg to the Island of Giglio

On Giglio, the Castello is well worth a visit.

sail over to Giannutri for a swim , evening in Porto Santo Stefano or Porto Ercole.

back to Portoferraio through Punta Ala.

This route can be sailed in any wind and is safe as far as the Mistral is concerned.

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